Why Updating Your WordPress Software is Critical?


Why Updating Your WordPress Software is Critical?

Why Updating Your WordPress Software is Critical?

You must have seen the WordPress Software update warning at the WordPress dashboard. Don’t disregard it. Recent announcements by the stock market trading halt and TD Ameritrade confirm that software updates have raised numerous performance problems. It may even suggest that the update problems these entities are experiencing are related to actual hacks.


Similar to any software that you have installed on your phone or computer, WordPress requires updating regularly. Unlike other software, though, WordPress is open source. Open Source simply means the platform is open to everyone.  Great for hackers and the malicious types, not so good for you or if we fail to keep it updated. Thus, the WordPress folks are constantly reviewing and updating critical issues.

Updating WordPress core file, themes and plugins is critical to maintaining performance and especially security. Updating your WordPress site may seem simple enough, just click the button right? However, in reality, the process is a little more complicated if you do not know what to do first or what to look for if something goes wrong. Here are a few reasons why updating your WordPress software will maintain your site’s performance and security.

Why Update Your WordPress


  1. Increase security

WordPress updates patch up your site’s vulnerabilities that leave you open to hacker attacks. If you don’t update to the latest WordPress version, your website is vulnerable to all sorts of attacks. Even deactivated plugins and themes make you vulnerable.

Below are vulnerabilities that can be fixed by WordPress updates.

  1. Outdated WordPress targeted by hackers

Malicious parties and hackers watch the WordPress release notes.  Hackers study the old WordPress vulnerabilities by checking the bug fix report.  They target outdated sites by visiting sites and selecting the View page source to know which WordPress the site is running. Thus, to reduce your site’s vulnerability, simply update the WordPress!

WordPress Blogs Hacked

  1. Prevent Hijacking & SQL Injections

SQL injections are one of the most common and destructive types of web server attacks. In essence, WordPress has experienced several SQL injection security holes for their codes, some which have been patched. A malicious hacker that gains access to any of the WordPress holes can input malicious SQL code into your database, which can delete, modify, or even be used to steal data.

wordpress sql

You can probably search around for WordPress plugins that might solve the potential injection holes, but you can just update your WordPress or wait for the coming WordPress security patch.

  1. To fix bugs.

New WordPress updates can correct functionality bugs in your site. The updates fix bugs discovered in previous WordPress versions. To get bugs fixed on your site, update!

  1. To add functionality and improve features

New WordPress updates come with new features that make it more useful and easier to use. However, don’t wait to update 2 or 3 versions at a time. It can be damaging to your site. You will also have to learn many new WordPress features at once.

  1. Don’t forget to update your plugins too.

Updating your plugins is as crucial as updating WordPress, and you should carry it out before you update WordPress. Hackers can exploit WordPress files, plugins and themes very quickly. So keeping them up to date is very important. For instance, One of Microsoft’s Websites Got Hacked due to an outdated version of WordPress and a out of date plugin.

Updating plugins can protect sites from breaking because developers conveniently adapt to the latest versions of WordPress.

Outdated plugins are very vulnerable to security attacks. To update your website plugins:



Despite that WordPress is both open source and very popular, it has its flaws. WordPress vulnerabilities come from time to time, a new one rising every time the last one is fixed. With careful preventative steps and monitoring, you can reduce the risk that WordPress site faces.

Still haven’t hit “update now”?

WP Protectors can help update your WordPress to prevent your website from breaking. Learn How To Protect Your WordPress Website From Hackers.


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